How quickly the housefly gets fly, its reaction time!

We see in this video that a housefly is sitting on an orange and as soon as the arrow shoots, the housefly flies through the middle of that orange. Seeing this video, it seems that the video is of some lab in which research is being done. Recurve bow arrows can travel up to 225 feet per second (fps) or 150mph while compound bow arrows can travel up to 300fps (200mph). Longbow arrows travel slower due to their weight of the arrows. Even at 300fps, it takes around a second to reach a 90-meter target. You hear your release first followed by the thud of the arrow hitting the target a second later. Crossbow speed is measured in feet per second (fps). The higher the number, the faster the bolt will travel. The most common crossbow speeds fall between 300 and 400 fps, but some can go as high as 600 fps or more.

The fastest crossbows are made for target shooting, where accuracy is paramount and speed is not as important. In contrast, hunting crossbows are designed for speed and power because they need to penetrate through thick hides and bones before stopping an animal in its tracks.

The housefly is a fly of the suborder Cyclorrhapha. It is believed to have evolved in the Cenozoic Era, possibly in the Middle East, and has spread worldwide as a commensal of humans. 

It is the most common fly species found in houses. Lifespan: 28 days (Male, In High Temperature, Low activity, Adult). Scientific name: Musca domestica Length: 0.6 – 0.7 cm (Adult). The flying speed of a housefly is seen in this video. How fast do wings flap? interestingly, we found that it took nearly 50 frames (at 6000 frames per second) before the fly responded by beating its wings. That’s about 8.3 milliseconds!

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