Artificial Muscles Robotic Arm

Clone robotics is creating the first biomimetic, powerful androids with human-level hands in order to address the most prevalent issues of daily life and improve the actual world. Anthropomorphic, robust hands The human-level hand is the last component of robotic technology required to create sentient androids. The first robust manipulator with 27 degrees of freedom […]

Volvo Trucks – The Hamster Stunt

This video has been shot in Los Tres Cunados in northwestern Spain. Here Volvo truckers are experimenting. This experiment is on a hamster. Can that hamster drive a truck or not? The driver of the truck will also sit with that hamster. The name of the hamster is Charlie. He comes from the Mesocricetus auratus […]

Fish Hook Removal

A man is taking a thorn out of a fish’s mouth. He is using the thorn tool to take the bite out of the mouth of the fish. How do we know about how the fish hook extractor is made and how it is used? Different Sizes Meet Your Different Needs For Fish Lines Drill […]

Art Installation Man Fire Works Burn

Burning Man is a celebration centered around art, community, self-reliance, and self-expression held annually in the western US. The occasion gets its name from its culmination: the representative burning of a huge wooden model, referred to as the Man, that happens on the penultimate evening of Burning Man, which is the Saturday night before Labor […]

Drone Eye View In San Francisco

The occasion began on June 22, 1986, on Baker Beach in San Francisco as a small festival coordinated by Larry Harvey and Jerry James, the creators of the main Man. It has since been held yearly, crossing the nine days paving the way to and including Labor Day. Over the occasion’s set of history, participation […]

Flying Man Race Track

Formula One fans were staggered in front of Saturday’s qualifying session for the Belgian Grand Prix when a man on a flying gadget flew at a just above the ground height over the track at a high pace. The ten-second video shows the man on what gives off an impression of being a fly board […]