Volvo Trucks – The Hamster Stunt

This video has been shot in Los Tres Cunados in northwestern Spain. Here Volvo truckers are experimenting. This experiment is on a hamster. Can that hamster drive a truck or not? The driver of the truck will also sit with that hamster. The name of the hamster is Charlie. He comes from the Mesocricetus auratus family. Its passion is wheel running. It weighs 175 grams. 

The golden hamster or Syrian hamster is a rodent belonging to the hamster subfamily, Cricetinae. Their natural geographical range is limited to a small arid region of northern Syria and southern Turkey. Lifespan: 2 – 3 years. Gestation period: 15 – 18 days. Length: 13 – 18 cm (Adult). Conservation status: Vulnerable (Population decreasing). Scientific name: Mesocricetus auratus. Trophic level: Omnivorous. Mass: 85 – 150 g (Adult). The precision driver is sitting with the hamster, his name is Seon rogers. Who will take care of him? 

This is a brand-new truck from Volvo. Its name is the 2022 Volvo FMX 13 540 Rigid Truck. Some information about this Volvo FMX – Always delivers, on and off the road. Some tasks need to run smoothly even when the conditions are challenging. The Volvo FMX is our most robust construction truck to date and can tackle tough terrain when needed. The cab is new and offers more space and excellent visibility along with a driver interface with an adaptable digital instrument display. The Volvo FMX combines a low instep and powertrains with up to 540 hp and a wide range of drive axle options. 

This truck will make the toughest assignments easier – whether there’s a road or not. The 11-liter engine is capable of base power and torque figures of 330 hp and 1650 Nm of torque respectively. An up-rated version of the engine produces 370 hp and 1770 Nm of torque, while the highest output on offer from Volvo for this engine stands at 430 hp and 1970 Nm of torque. Other features in the FMX series in clue Volvo’s Dynamic Steering, I-Shift, a suite of Driver Support Systems, rear aid suspension, traction control, all-wheel-drive, steerable multi-axles, support for up to 5 axles, towing enough to pull 32 tons, and the brand’s infotainment screen with navigation, Dynalite on Board, and voice controls. 

When the truck moves and reaches a short distance, there is some trouble and it reaches its destination.

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